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Printed materials: essential for your business!

Printed materials: essential for your business!

Why are printed materials essential for your business?

Printed materials play a significant role in a company’s activities. They help build loyalty, as well as notify, educate and engage the company's customers. They also help reach specific market segments or ensure the success of a branding strategy.

Use printed materials to build customer loyalty

Printed materials used in the course of a business's operations are called business materials. These are designed to promote the brand identity of the company. Business cards, flyers and booklets are good examples of business materials. There are also billboards, calendars and posters.

Retaining existing customers is less expensive than finding new customers. Business materials can be used with this in mind, especially in the form of trade publications. These are periodicals, newspapers or books about the company’s products and activities. These publications help consumers learn more about the company and encourage them to tell others about it.

Keep customers up to date on a business’ activities

Catalogs and flyers are the paper equivalent of a business’s newsletter emails. They allow current customers of the company to stay up-to-date on its activities. This includes being notified about new releases or special offers.

The effectiveness of catalogs and flyers lies in the balance between regular reminders and annoying advertisements. You need to provide your customers with useful information on paper without overloading them with documents. Ask yourself if you have enough content to send out a new catalog once or twice a year. A leaflet in the form of a postcard may suffice to convey the information required otherwise.

Like a newsletter, a prospectus or a catalog must offer added value to the reader. A flyer or catalog that only contains advertising will end up in a trash can. The materials must provide the reader with additional information that is relevant to his own activities. The cost of distributing catalogs and flyers depends on the quality of the materials and the number of copies to be printed.

Customer preferences for marketing materials

The development of any marketing strategy starts with understanding customer needs. Digital resources tend to dominate modern communication habits. Social media, email, and digital advertising all confirm this. However, it’s wrong to think that all potential customers prefer to communicate digitally.

Some of your customers may have a preference for paper-based communication when learning about businesses. A good business card can be more effective in promoting your brand, especially at trade shows. A paper brochure can also be a more relevant way to share your marketing message with specific customers.

Ensure the success of the company's branding strategy

The success of a branding strategy is built on a company's ability to stand out from its competitors. The most successful businesses are those that manage to communicate their brand consistently. The simplest approach to achieving this goal is to make your logo and brand message more accessible to customers.

Potential customers are more comfortable with concepts they are familiar with. Knowing your logo and your brand well increases their commitment to your business. That level of familiarity cannot be achieved by limiting your marketing plan to digital media. Print marketing materials offer a wide range of options to strengthen your business’s marketing plan.

Letterheads, business cards and posters are good examples of options you can use to improve your marketing plan. There are also notice boards and flyers. The idea is to allow ​​ your brand to have more of an impact on customers.

Make potential customers aware of the value of your brand

Your business should have a recognizable brand to market its products or services to a specific customer base. A print agency capable of working in-house can help you forge a strong brand for your business. This brand can then be used in the company's print and digital marketing materials.

It is not a good idea to limit your marketing to digital media. A variety of media reinforces your brand awareness. In addition to appearing in a newsletter email, the logo should appear on a letterhead or flyer relating to your business.

Ensure customer commitment to the company

Awareness is, in itself, a legitimate objective in the development of any marketing strategy. However, it needs to be further strengthened with customer engagement with the company. Commitment is not just about awareness. It also involves some change on the part of potential customers.

A customer is engaged when their impression or position in relation to a business changes through marketing. Printed materials are a way to create customer engagement. A business card is an especially helpful tool. Digital marketing materials can get lost in the vastness of the web while a business card can fit in a wallet.

Reach specific segments of the market

Sometimes digital marketing is insufficient to reach specific segments of your niche market. This particularly applies to the most geographically localized markets. Print marketing materials sent to specific customer addresses are more effective in this regard.

This is proven to be effective for businesses such as fast-food restaurants or local gardening services. It seems tedious to create a mailing list or social media strategies for such businesses. Sending a leaflet to each client's door is a better approach, all the more so if the leaflets sent include the prices charged by these establishments and their contact information.


Printed materials are as important as the digital medium for a business. However, how useful they are depends on the quality of the information they provide. Repo-Net.com has the expertise and equipment necessary to create quality printed materials for businesses. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a quote.