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The advantages of large format printing.

The advantages of large format printing.

Large format print advertising is advantageous for its high image quality, the variety of material that can be created, and its ability to be used both indoors and outdoors. Large format advertising materials enhance the impact of a communication strategy or the visual appeal of a booth. They are also more affordable and more practical, and especially in the form of an advertising tarp.

High-quality image printing

Modern large format printers can print images at a resolution of up to 3000 dpi. The image quality is pristine when compared to digital photo printing. Note that this image quality applies mostly to indoor printing.

Outdoor printing is performed at a poorer image quality compared to indoor printing. This is by choice to make the advertisement visible to more people. It is possible to create high-resolution images for outdoor posters. The cost of creating such posters is, however, quite exorbitant.

Advertising campaign materials must combine accessibility, visibility and quality. Large format digital printing is the most practical solution in this regard. An advertising tarp in this format stands out for its excellent resolution. Images can be printed at a maximum size of 1200 dots per inch (DPI). Achieving high-quality rendering is therefore possible with large format printing.

Creation of various types of materials

Large format printing can be done on a wide variety of materials. This includes ordinary banner paper, polyvinyl chloride, synthetic fabric, special mesh, etc. This diversity of materials allows the creation of several types of marketing materials for customers. This includes banners, billboards, streamers, decorative signs, etc.

The image is applied using an inkjet printer to a roll of material. A printhead distributes the dye over the material. The printing itself does not take a long time. Laying out the image is the longest part of the process.

Advertising materials for indoors or outdoors

Repro-Net.com can use different types of inks depending on the environment intended for the materials to be created. This includes water-based inks, solvent inks, eco-solvent inks and UV inks. Using a variety of inks can have different effects on the type of advertisement to be created. Water-based and oil-based inks are used for paper posters. This type of ink is not resistant to moisture and will wear off over time.

Solvent inks are more durable and can be used with PVC films. Solvent inks are used for outdoor posters, as they resist bad atmospheric influences well. The eco-solvent ink has the advantages of water-based ink and also ensures brightness, a saturation of images, and that color will transfer.

UV ink is the most advanced solution Repro-Net.com can adopt for large format printing. This type of ink is suitable for all media. The resulting image is clear and saturated in addition to resisting direct sunlight and humidity. The volume to be consumed per job is also smaller. UV ink is also safer for people and nature.

Increase the impact of the marketing strategy

The major advantage of large format printing is its ability to enhance brand visibility, both literally and figuratively. This type of advertising allows consumers to recognize and remember your business for the right reasons. Creating a lasting impression on customers is a complex task, especially when the market is saturated. Large format printing gives you a way to set yourself apart from the competition.

The message displayed in a large panel is clearly visible from a distance. It, therefore, has a stronger impact on potential customers. You no longer have to worry about the success of your marketing strategy being compromised. Large format displays stimulate public interest in your brand and increase your chances of making monthly sales goals.

Reinforce the visual appeal of stands at trade fairs

Large format printing is not just useful for an advertising campaign; it can also benefit the company's promotional activities. This includes when a company participates in a major industry event.

Take the case of a large local show on new technologies. The event is held in a large complex with thousands of booths to visit. Each brand must bring visitors to visit their booth. One way to draw attention is to reinforce the visual appeal of the booth.

Large format printing is the first way to reinforce this visual appeal for visitors, especially on PVC. Printing on PVC brings the visibility desired for the stand as well as enriching your advertising. This is especially true if you incorporate a good slogan and a good choice of colors in your banner.

An affordable advertising solution

Large format digital printing is more affordable than other material creation options. It is justified by the materials used for printing the marketing materials. Materials as affordable as paper, vinyl or tarpaulin can be used for large format digital printing.

The printing process is also carried out using a computer-operated inkjet printer. No human expertise is required to conduct the operation. The result is however very satisfactory considering the quality of the materials used.

It should be noted that the price of large format digital printing varies widely. The dimensions, color and style of the patterns to be printed are all factors that can influence the price. In addition, there is the material chosen for marketing purposes to consider. The idea of ​​investing in such a solution remains very profitable for startups and SMEs.

The possibility of printing on an advertising tarpaulin

There are additional factors to take into account when printing outdoor advertising materials. These considerations relate to the effects of the external environment on the integrity of advertising materials. Rain, humidity, heat and UV rays are some of the factors to consider.

Conventional communication media such as screen printing or stickers cannot withstand the outdoors. Tarpaulin is more effective for the application of large format printing for outdoor use. Advertising tarpaulins boast increased durability in addition to being more resistant to external hazards.

Advertising tarpaulins have all the same advantages associated with large format printing for indoor advertising. It ensures maximum visibility for your business at various events. There are three types of advertising tarpaulins to choose from based on the type of advertisement you plan to create. There is repositionable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one with micro-perforations or an M1 flame retardant version.

Ultraviolet rays are particularly damaging to the colors on outdoor marketing materials. The ink for an advertising tarpaulin is injected deep into its fiber using a heating device in the large format printer. This makes the tarp less likely to fade in direct sunlight.


Large format printing is the best way to promote a business or brand from an analog perspective. Repro-Net.com has the expertise and the equipment required to deliver such a solution to you. Call us now for a quote.